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Accounting and Back Office Solutions.

As a business owner, you are at your most profitable when you are concentrating on what you do best – growing your business. That’s why you hire a janitor to clean your office and a computer tech (if you don’t have an IT department) to fix the computer. That is outsourcing – hiring an expert to take care of the things necessary to keep your business running, but do not make money for you. Our mission as a bookkeeping / accounting / back office service is to ensure proper record keeping of your financials to give you more time to acquire new customers or spend more time with your existing customers.

We offer all aspects of bookkeeping and accounting including tax preparation, payroll (with direct deposit), and limited financial advisory services. We are also able to help you create a financial business plan to start-up your own small business. There’s still time to file your taxes – don’t hesitate, call for an appointment today! (Past years taxes, extensions, estimated taxes for next year…all your tax prep needs).

Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have regarding our services or any general questions about accounting, taxes, payroll or collections. Someone will return your email within a few hours.

Who We Are?
Book Keeping & Accounting Services.

Interactive Web Accountant is a leading provider of KPO solutions primarily focusing it’s target on accounting and back office processes so you can focus on your business. Our extensive expertise and innovative delivery model dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of our clients’ finance and accounting, payroll and benefit administration. Efficiency, accuracy, timeliness and cost-effectiveness are crucial when it comes to processing tax returns.

We provide you Charted Accountants around the clock, for your accounting related jobs. From auditing to book keeping, from reconciliations to financial statements we are able to serve you best services in market. We as your outsourcing partner help’s you to increase your profits, reduce business risk and create breakout value with new services and revenue streams. We try our best to strengthen your customer interaction using variety of web tools. We specialize in supporting your company at back end in efficient way. Many companies are outsourcing their accounting work to us, Try us once and see the difference…

What We Do?
Accounting and Back Office Solutions to Service and Support Industry

We provide complete accounting solution and back office support. Commitment to excellence is our credo. Our knowledge of vast range of handling outsourcing projects makes us capable to handle them and execute properly. Our core team of professionals consists people with rich experience in their respective fields of specialization, who hold a firm belief that there is always a scope for improvement in the services we render. There is always a concerted corporate effort to render the highest standard of professionals services in each assignment undertaken by us. We are more focused on delivering true customer values, by providing them quality work in cost effective manner. Outsourcing your work to us can help your company to achieve your company goals. iWeb Accountant as your outsourcing partner help’s you to increase your profits, reduce business risk and create breakout value with new services and revenue streams.